Wywiad z Dylan'em Walker'em/ FULL OF HELL.

While listening to the Weeping Choir album for the first time I've come up with 5 questions. When I mentioned band name to Beau Beasley, he responded "They are on fire". The reply from Dylan Walker it's below.


-The celebration of the 10 years Full Of Hell anniversary. 

-Tell us the story how did started your symphathy for the devil?
I am sympathetic to all fictions in this world!

-What's forbidden in your world?
Coffee grounds in my coffee, flies on my food, alkaline water, acidic water, radioactive materials.

-Do you behold any differences between the reality and the void?
Void is nothing, no perception, no sensory feeling. Reality is all of those things. They are just about as far different as possible.

-Do the Full Of Health campaing aroused interest among your fans to taking care of the body?
The body is great.

Photo by courtesy of Patrick Loiacono.
Photo by courtesy of Patrick Loiacono.

-Do you have any specific orders in Full's tour rider?
In our rider, we request humbly that people attend our shows. We also ask to not be electrocuted by bad wiring and for optimum air and water quality, because that's where it all starts.

-What’s your exceptional daily routines?
I have many ordinary daily routines, but they only ones that tend to be exceptional are my morning walks with my dogs and my air and water tests around the house.

-What expirences in collectivist actions caused the supreme impact on your approach to the creation process?
We are simply byproducts of all the bands that inspired us. A good example is Man is the Bastard/Bastard Noise. E Wood has been such a prolific and dedicated artist for so long and he clearly has an innate need to create that is far beyond just a simple hobby. We also have been very influenced by Neurosis in their scope and vision and also how they carry their band. They stay true to themselves and it shines through in every aspect of the band.

-Full Of Hell's favorite pieces of sound equipment.
Trogotronic 665

Photo by courtesy of Patrick Loiacono.
Photo by courtesy of Patrick Loiacono.

-As a band who is beyond genres what’s your approach to naming and making sounds?
We choose to leave them unnamed, but we've always just wanted to combine disparate elements of all of the genres that we enjoy ourselves, and we attempt to make it feel like an organic combination to varying degrees of success.

-What works (tunes, words, pictures) have you recently been interested in?
Music: Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine, Harvey Milk.. Film: A Dark Song, A Field in England... Books: Southern Reach, Dark Materials, Earthsea.


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