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EDH061 WARSORE/ Soil of ignorance split 7"EP

Andy/ EDH: 01.09.2015

Kilka dni temu ruszył EveryDayHate grindcore blog, możena go znaleźć pod adresem:

Poza tym przez ostatni miesiąc lista wydawnictw EveryDayHate znacznie wzrosła, więcej informacji o nowych pozycjach znajdziecie na naszym facebook'owym profilu.
Andy/ EDH: 23.07.2015

Na VII letniej edycji EveryDayGrind, która odbędzie się 12 lipca w krakowskiej Kawiarni Naukowej wystąpią:

Hemdale- grindcore- usa
Nak'ay- grindcore- usa
Suffering Mind- grindcore- pl
Straight Hate- grindcore/ hardcore- pl
Teething- grindcore/ powerviolence- es
Cospirazione- punk/ hardcore- it

więcej informacji o tym evencie znajdziecie tu: EDG VII
Andy/ EDH: 07.06.2015

VI edycja EveryDayGrind będzie wyjątkowa. Na scenie krakowskiej Kawiarni Naukowej zagra Meth Drinker z Nowej Zelandii, wracają do Europy na 12 koncertów zgotować muzyczne unicestwienie, toxic sludge. Podczas trasy promują swą najnowszą płytę OIL. Towarzyszą im Duńczycy z Weak promujący są debiutancką EP'kę Første. Sludgy hardcore!

EveryDayGrind VI
Meth Drinker- toxic sludge- Nowa Zelandia
Weak- sludgy hardcore- Dania
Start: 21:00
Bilety: 20zł

Andy/ EDH: 16.05.2015

Second press of Fredag den 13:e- Tjugohundratretton 12"LP on red wax is available now!

Get your copy now!
Andy/ EDH: 05.05.2015

MINDFLAIR – Scourge Of Mankind
"Having just turned their musical steering wheel in a more groove-punk paths the Germans Mindflair present their third full length album. They brought to my mind Uncurbed and Venomous concept that along with some sludge parts, they create “Scourge of Mankind”! The production is quite loose and has something of “Need the Control” album, as the voice has many influences from Kevin Sharp, which is not negative at all, cause its totaly connected with the style of the band. Thirteen dynamic songs that keep the listener on an enduring explosion! Mindflair is a pure live band, those who have seen them on stage, they definitely remember that adrenaline is located at 100%, and ok they worship grass but their music definitely refer to amphetamines (!).For those who are in love with Eyehategod up to Soilent Green and Brutal Truth, check and support this work, released on cd and vinyl through Polish EveryDayHate records, who else!!? What made a super positive impression is the cover of the album. It has nothing to do with the classic grindcore artworks, it’s totally different and the colors blend incredibly together. A very nice and original work!" by Leonidas Douras/
Andy/ EDH: 03.04.2015

This is what the facts:
Oh yeah, like HAEMOPHAGUS need any introduction… Not! Italy’s most (in)famous stench-grinders are fucking back, sounding more raw and filthy than ever. These dudes are no newcomers whatsoever – they are stalwarts of Italy’s goriest metal, and members of this band come from such heavyweight monster bands as Assumption, Gravesite, Morbo, Interior Demise and Undead Creep. Their minimalist, disgusting, downtuned and rotten-to-the-core death/grind makes early Carcass, Repulsion, Autopsy and early Obituary sound as fresh and disgusting as ever, but the dudes certainly don’t stop there, rather stirring shit up even more and injecting their decaying and downtuned blasts of sonic filth with an overload of rabid punk urgency. Not far from stench-core and crust, HAEMOPHAGUS’s music is an awesome overload of filthy and decaying high voltage punk/metal that will rattle your bones and fill your ear ducts with buckets of maggots. Turkey’s SUBJUGATION provide the B side of this rotten split, making it one of the filthiest underground death metal/grind releases of 2014. Grab a copy now from Everyday Hate. Mattia A./

MINDFLAIR – Scourge Of Mankind
These Germans in Mindflair play a wicked and furious brand of grindcore, bringing to mind early Napalm Death, aka: “From Enslavement To Obliteration” and even hints of “Scum”.
Their grind is pretty interesting, as some of the tracks incorporate the more heavy sludge rhythms that just go over your head like a steamroller without the steam. And the dual suffocated vocal styles are definitely a worthy addition to the songs here, and this can also be heard on the comic-like “Ideal Of Stupidity”, which just cracks me up.
Mindflair, though not out of this world, but certainly know how to shake things up on this 13-tracker, with their uncontrollable chaos and emotional frustration.
Imagine Napalm Death, Unseen Terror, Righteous Pigs and sludge metal maniacs Sour Vein all rolled up into one big fatty, and you get to smoke the sonic joint known as Mindflair.
“Scourge Of Mankind” touches on societal ills, the fucked up state of our world, and the total ignorance majority of humankind bathes in. Oh, there also plenty of anti-political themes here too. I think if these guys go any further on the anti-political stance, they might as well call themselves anarchists, haha.
Check this bitch out and let it grind your ears off ‘til you can’t hear anymore. [EveryDayHate] Sarjoo Devani/
Andy/ EDH: 28.03.2015

4 kwietnia zapraszam do krakowskiej Kawiarni naukowej na piątą edycję EveryDayGrind. Tym razem zaprosiłem:

NeedfulThings- Czechy
Istnieją już ponad 15 lat, wydali dwie pełne płyty i od cholery splitów. Założycielem i basistą zespołu jest Otto Beran, odpowiedzialny za PSYCHOCONTROL records oraz Play fast or dont festival. Muzycznie to oczywiście grindcore'owa petarda!

Controlled Existence- Czechy
Młody czeski zespół z charyzmatyczną wokalistką. W swoim dorobku posiadają zaledwie dwa splity EP w/ Days of Desolation oraz w/ ALEA IACTA EST oraz split tape i demo. Po tych nagraniach mogę śmiało stwierdzić, że na scenie grindcore na pewno będzie o nich głośno!

Bottom- Gliwice
Szeregi zespołu zasilił Michał Ojciec Kupiec, odpowiedzialny również za wokale w Ojciec Dyktator, do tego wspaniały perkusista Jasiu znany z Psychoneurosis. Bottom jest świeżo po nagraniu nowego materiału, więc pozostaje nam sprawdzić jak wypadają na żywo.

start 21:00 (na piwko zapraszamy od 19)
wjazd: 15 PLN (do kupienia przy wejściu)

więcej na:
Andy/ EDH: 27.03.2015

Strona ruszyła, jestem z tego powodu bardzo zadowolony.
Andy/ EDH: 11.03.2015